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January 2019 – New year, new art shows

After a few months away from the blog (yes, our site was hacked by a nasty person!), Fly is starting off a whole new year with a visit to ARTUSIASM Gallery in Toronto (St. Clari West & Caledonia) – their new show is called Carnival and runs until January 26th, 2019.  Fly interviewed gallery co-owner and artist Tanzina Amin (her husband Carlos Sa Rodrigues works with her to run the indie art gallery) and here she discusses her own paintings and the new exhibition:

Thanks, Tanzina. The Fly toured the gallery and took lots of photos of works by local Toronto artists who impressed with their skills, colour palettes and unique inspirations. Hope you enjoy this virtual visit but Fly highly recommends a personal visit to enjoy the stunning works on show for the next 2 weeks. Directions and gallery info at the end of the photo spread.
Fly loved these African-themed portraits by Leroi JohnsonAnd this stunning landscape (below) by Scott O’Neill offers lots of interest – you can see so many beautiful details in the sky, the cliffs, the sea… Next up are these two painted tapestries by Ylana Stelling: Here’s “Busker” from Art Cotrim….reminds Fly of a few well-known Toronto performers:Marcela Maciel offers up this beautiful view of a mystical forest in autumn:Fly loved the fantastic scenes of South American village life by Flor de Maria Mejia – see the close-up detail of the dancers in the middle of the crowd… Maurice Tan‘s “Four Lovers” are beautifully executed with pastel colours – their eyes followed Fly around the gallery, drawing Fly back again and again to the canvases: And here are some of Tanzina‘s own large format contemporary portraits – she has such a sensitive touch with the women she paints: So many paintings by so many talented artists to enjoy including gallery regular Alex Scovino who painted this fabulous queen of the carnival, full of riotous colour and energy: The gallery will host one more show until it closes its doors for good. After creating such a comfortable and respectful environment for local artists, the hard-working Tanzina & Carlos are taking a much needed break in the spring but plan to keep themselves busy with potential annual exhibitions hosted in larger venues. Come say hello in person – Artusiasm Gallery, 1684 St Clair Ave West, Toronto. T: 416-970-7235  www.artusiasm.com

Happy New Year and happy art gallery hopping to you all!


JUNE ISSUE: featuring openings, closings, art fests & more

FLY is a big fan of beautiful frames and recently photographed the great selection available at Westmount Gallery in the west end of Toronto (see above & story below), but before we get to those – June & July are the big months for outdoor art events including the Riverdale Art Walk that happened last weekend (see previous post for special Extra! edition of FLY). This coming weekend (June 9 & 10) we have the Rosedale Art Fair...….as well as the Beaches Arts & Crafts Show taking place in Kew Gardens, Queen St East (below)But first FLY wishes to extend commiserations and encouragement to those artists who lost both artworks and valuable supplies in last month’s Walnut Studios fire. A creative hub for numerous artists, one section was lost to the flames with very little surviving. A personal friend of the FLY’s, Rob Croxford, made the best of a bad situation and had a “fire sale” of smokey salvaged works at the Riverdale Artwalk.  Others are still trying to come to terms with the loss of studio space, however, a new home has been found for some while the Walnut Studio mgmn’t is looking at various options to help them rise phoenix-like from the ashes of this disaster. FLY wishes everyone well and will continue to share their posts on social media. Below, Walnut Studios before & after…If you would like to donate to the Walnut Studios GoFundMe campaign, click-thru here: https://www.gofundme.com/friends-of-walnut-studio-artists

On a more positive note, FLY was a guest at the recent Art Battle held at The Great Hall on Queen St West, thanks to the introduction by Tanzina & Carlos from Artusiasm Gallery. Tanzina had previous won timed painting contests or battles so FLY was interested in seeing what this was all about. Audience members vote on their fave artists/works to decide the winner. Learn more at https://artbattle.com/ca/

Artists paint for 20 minutes

Carlos & Tanzina & artist Razmig Bertizian (above L)

Razmig paints furiously

And speaking of Artusiasm Gallery, FLY joined them for the opening of their “All About Eve” group show (May 3-12) and was awed by the beauty and talent exhibited. Razmig Bertizian caught FLY’s eye with these two stunners (below)……and here is another charming painting that resonated with the FLY, titled “The Murmur of Spring” by Nasim Abaeian (below)Lots more beautiful “Eves” to enjoy…. …for Artusiasm’s June/July line-up visit www.artusiasm.com

FLY visited Westmount Gallery in Etobicoke last month, taking sculptor Osvaldo Napoli to meet gallery owner/curator Judy Smith. Judy has spent many many years in the art world and represents a number of leading sculptors who, like Ozzie, work in bronze. We saw several stunning pieces as well as gorgeous paintings throughout the multi-room gallery complex on Advance Ave (just off Islington).  Here are just a few… FLY spied this massive portrait of a galloping white horse by award-winning artist Bruce K. Lawes (see below)..and some fluffy barnyard chickens (below)..so many different subjects, so many different artists (below) – you can see who Westmount represents here: www.westmountgallery.com

One of the best things about Westmount is their custom framing service. Professional framer Robert Scott has established the gallery as one of THE leading framing services this side of the Rockies! And look what you have to choose from – all manner of sizes, materials, colours, wood stains….these frame displays are art in themselves, don’t you think?

So are you ready for the annual art extravaganza in Nathan Phillips Square next month? The Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition lands in the square July 8-10 so make sure you mark your calendars…and bring sunscreen and a fan as it gets very hot walking the concrete aisles.
Check out details & times of this FREE family-friendly at: www.torontooutdoor.art




In this, our second issue, we’re highlighting artworks from 1st year Centennial College students, as well as established artists featured at the Spring “One of a Kind Show”. Also a nice shout-out to Artusiasm Gallery on the occasion of their 1st anniversary and the launch of digital artist Gina Godfrey’s annual calendar.

We’re also featuring stories and interviews with artists who have previously exhibited in solo and group shows, and in each future monthly e-magazine, FLY will also shine a spotlight on galleries, curators and other arts professionals who have supported the fine arts community. With our multi-platform social media network, we hope to offer artists promotional exposure not found in traditional media, plus affordable advertising opportunities to galleries, art suppliers and individual artists in order to reach their targeted audience.

Thank you for joining us, enjoy the read!


Over the past eight years, E11even restaurant has established itself as one of Toronto’s leading fine dining experiences and recently they created a contest to support local artists. E11even wants to grow its collection of contemporary art, so they sought out artists looking to showcase their works in a sophisticated and dynamic venue. The contest featured stimulating art inspired by what e11even represents and showcased the creative process that inspires, excites and sparks interaction with the restaurant’s visitors. The winner of this contest (and recipient of a $5,000 honorarium) was a friend of the FLY’s, Lorette Luzajic. Her winning artwork is titled “The Book of Better Things” (30”x40″ mixed media on gallery canvas) shown below…Congratulations, Lorette, well deserved! To learn more about this talented artist, visit her website: www.mixedupmedia.ca and for info on the artist-friendly restaurant, check out: www.e11even.ca
Photos courtesy of Moshe Sakal

CENTENNIAL COLLEGE STUDIO ARTS 1st YR STUDENTS PRESENT “WAIT, WHAT?” @ URBAN GALLERYEach March, Toronto’s URBAN GALLERY hosts a 10-day exhibition of works from the first year students of the Centennial College Studio Arts program, and this year’s show was titled “Wait, What?”.  Not what you would normally expect from a group of ambitious emerging artists – layered universes of double meaning, hope, despair, humour, longing, madness, genius, and skillful virtuosity. All contained within 18” square shadow boxes. You will leave the show thinking “wait, what?”…

The 23 artworks exhibited offered subjects, mediums and colour palettes to suit every taste and pocketbook – prices ranged from $200 to $450 – a very affordable way to start collecting your favourite emerging Canadian artists. Congratulations to all the artists: Mattheas Gabber, Yogin Patel, Kumar Ayyappa, Fiona Wei, Lilian Jang, Lucas Thomas, Arnold Farrell, CL Fisher, Bee Fawn, Alexandria A. Allen-Papadopoylos, Jancy Sivanantham, Lexx Willis, Takanya Marsh, Titar Awua-Imande, Danielle Nothmann, Sharon Zhang, Atheena Sureshmohan, Gabriella Berdugo, Hyewon Kim, Natalie Plociennik, Wayne Wu, Kai Hart and F. Mehtap Mertdogan.   www.UrbanGallery.ca

Each year, abstractionist & printmaker Gina Godfrey welcomes guests to her downtown studio & art gallery to launch her calendar and this year’s edition is a kaleidoscope of colour and movement. Every month features one of her glorious works of art and this year’s cover is one of the FLY’s all time favourite Godfrey pieces. Here’s Gina posing in front of the masterwork..You can learn more about her work at www.ginagodfrey.com  as well as Gina’s involvement with “The Brain Project” that features 100 sculpted “brains” on exhibition across Toronto drawing attention to brain health and diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

THE LITTLE GALLERY THAT COULD – TORONTO’s ARTUSIASM GALLERY CELEBRATES 1ST ANNIVERSARY WITH OUTSTANDING GROUP SHOW.Congratulations to artist Tanzina Amin and her hardworking husband Carlos Sa Rodrigues (pictured above) on their first anniversary of operating Artusiasm Gallery, located at 1684 St. Clair West, Toronto. From its humble beginnings, this charming and friendly gallery opened its doors to emerging artists, especially those from Toronto’s vast multi-cultural communities, showcasing a wonderful colourful array of portraits, landscapes and abstract works which have attracted thousands of visitors over the past 12 months. The creative couple curate the bi-monthly shows, offering showcases to many artists who may not have previously had the opportunity to hang their work in a gallery setting.

To celebrate this milestone, the gallery presented a group show featuring 20+ artists, many of whom turned out with family and friends to toast their hosts.

Artist Heritier M. Bilaka

Artist Neerja Trehan

Artist Tunde Omotoye

Anyone who has attended Carlos & Tanzina’s events have admired how the events offer a warm and friendly vibe, fostering camaraderie and networking among artists and art enthusiasts. Congratulations to you both!  Please visit www.Artusiasm.com to learn more and meet the artists.


Over the Easter long weekend, FLY visited the Spring One of a Kind Show where several artist friends showcased their beautiful paintings, and new artists discovered.  Thanks to Mark Jeremy Gleberzon (pictured above in his colourful booth), FLY was given access to the massive showroom and here are a few creative folks who made our visit so enjoyable.

Jeremy Browne, whose stylized rustic barn and rural landscapes caught the FLY’s attention. www.jeremybrownestudios.com   Below – Stuart Leggett (sculptor) and Carol Currie (painter) who, together, create miniature triptychs as well as large sculpted and carved wall art. www.claustro.ca  And of course, Mark’s booth where he displayed his whirling brightly coloured acrylic paint & epoxy resin wood panels and small furnishings….….as well as new Spring-like stylized florals (see close-up detail of his pink magnolia painting). Keep up to date with Mark’s work and upcoming exhibitions in the U.S. and Canada at  www.facebook.com/mark.gleberzon  And finally…

Help the Int’l Sculpture Centre (located in New Jersey) celebrate this worldwide phenomenon, International Sculpture Day! On April 28th go out on the town and visit your favourite sculptures in support of the talent in your area. Be sure to sign up on the ISC website, and use #ISDay when posting any and all pictures via social media they hope to see lots of smiling selfies next to some awesome sculptures…and include FLY’s social media, too.  www.sculpture.org


See you next month when we’ll feature more gallery openings and artists – our eMagazine will be hosted on a new platform in order to add many more photos!