What a pleasure it was to meet up with all the talented artists showcasing their work at this year’s Toronto Outdoor Art Fair at Nathan Phillips Square in downtown Toronto. It was the first time artists got to meet with art lovers and buyers in-person since Covid struck down all the galleries, art expos and fairs so FLY was delighted by all the exciting multi-disciplinary artists and creators massed together again. It’s so hot down there so if you’re visiting this weekend, FLY recommends lots of sunscreen, water and a great big hat, none of which FLY took with her so it was a flying visit, pun intended!  Here is a selection of artists you MUST visit….First up, Rob Croxford (below) who is always smiling and happy to see FLY…no swatting here! His pop-culture artworks are fabulous and a great pick-me-up after the last 2yrs of closed galleries and non-live shows. www.robcroxford.comAfter Rob, FLY found Maureen O’Connor who was just awarded the Best of Photography & Digital Media prize! Congrats, Maureen. You can learn more about her at FLY was already starting to wilt but she found cool comfort in Kari Serrao‘s tent.  Check out Kari’s stunning large-format paintings at next door was Zoey Zoric (below) whose innovative “smartphone portraits” were all quite provocative.  www.zoeyzoric.comFLY was immediately drawn to the unique artistry of Owen who fabricates his metal artwork out of reclaimed old farmyard and barn  treasures.
Next, FLY dropped in on Christopher Masoure (below) who has been busy attending lots of shows this spring and summer …and a quick buzz around the corner and there’s Morgan Jones with his engaging mixed media artwork www.morganjonesart.comFLY was excited to see Jibola Fagbamiye at the fair – his love of African history and N. American pop culture is evident in his stunning large portraits. www.jibolastudios.comDenise Buisman Pilger (below) from Quebec came to play with these fabulous works in B&W with spot colours. That happy smiling face can only mean one thing…it’s Cherie Harte! FLY first met Cherie at this year’s Artist Project with her happy heart paintings. www.cherieharte.comAnd now…ta-daaa. You show FLY some great bling and she’ll stop flapping her wings instantly! FLY is a HUGE fan of jeweller Pamela Lauz and flew home today with a shiny new treasure from Pamela’s boot. The final tent FLY visited was that of Bhavya Dixit – her husband was manning the booth while she took a quick break and he proudly showed off her stunning work. FLY’s friend and artist Susan Howling pointed out the cute elephant she wanted….Santa now has this on Susan’s Christmas list! This is just a tiny taste of the great work done by Canadian artists and craftspeople over the past 2yrs of Covid isolation that is now on display at the Toronto Outdoor Art Fair. Please go support them and visit this weekend. Info and directions can be found at