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For our third issue, we’ve had to migrate to a new blog-style platform in order to add more photos and content and let’s face it, that’s what magazines are all about, right? Anyway, thanks to Purvin Wai of EZ-Link Solutions, we’ve been able to add more visual options and although FLY is now live via Firefox, Explorer, etc., Google Chrome is giving us a few problems but hopefully these will soon be sorted out. Aaah, technology…grrr!

As always, FLY continues to shine a spotlight on galleries, curators and other arts professionals who have supported the fine arts community in Toronto and Canada as a whole. With our multi-platform social media network, we hope to offer artists promotional exposure not found in traditional media, plus affordable advertising opportunities to galleries, art suppliers and individual artists in order to reach their targeted audience.

Thank you for joining us, enjoy this month’s read!


FLY dropped in to #Hashtag Gallery last month to catch the unique exhibition showcasing giant blacklight figures by Al Currie, a.k.a. “Runt”.  What a riot of colour and energy Viva Runt Vegas was…so much detail in the humourous characters set up for gallery visitors to see and walk thru. Even the black carpeting had luminous spots of colour.

Al was there in the dark to greet visitors and fans of which there were many! To learn more about Runt, visit his website:

FLY VISITS THE ARTISTS OF LABATT STUDIOS in TORONTOFLY was invited by long-time friend and artist NANCY BENNETT to the April 22nd open house hosted by the artists of the Labatt Studios located near Queen E. & River Streets. The energy in the space was palpable – individual studios were set up to welcome visitors into each artist’s creative domain with completed canvases as well as in-progress works on show.  Here’s Nancy who showcased her land and sky-scapes painted on board as well as a few floral miniatures in frames: So many beautiful works of art by Nancy’s studio mates Connie Gorsline, Najma Velshi, Beverly Allen, Penny Griffin, Leo Baduria, Tonya Corkey, Nicholas Crombach, Mary Kennard, Gail Williams and Gerry Withey.


A longtime favourite of the FLY, Chris Marin is proud to report that her acrylic painting, “Mountain to Shore” (above) is part of the 38th Annual Juried Art Show at The BMFA Arts Centre at 163 Hurontario St., Collingwood that runs until Saturday, May 26.   If you’re visiting cottage country over the next few weeks, be sure to drop in and see the gorgeous works on show…thanks for supporting Ontario artists.

YOUNG DUTCH-BORN ARTIST PRISCILLA KOOPMAN’s SOLO SHOW – A GREAT SEND-OFF BEFORE SHE RETURNS TO THE NETHERLANDS. FLY discovered this exciting young artist last year when she participated in a Centennial College student group show at Urban Gallery. It was obvious this young lady had a unique talent and FLY was thrilled to visit her recent solo show at The Storys Centre on the Centennial College campus in Toronto. Her work was indeed as provocative and detailed as before but there was a distinct lightness to her palette.

Bravo, Priscilla, you’ve shown amazing growth as an artist and FLY cannot wait to see where this goes…even if we have to see you online from back in Holland! Follow Priscilla via her Instagram account: @allicsirpart


With a mandate of showcasing the many talented “street artists” from across the city, brand new art space Ille Gallery opened in late April with a provocative solo show by the talented Elicser Elliott. Located in The Junction neighbourhood, Ille Gallery is a beautifully renovated storefront space, well-lit with high ceilings to accommodate large format paintings. Below, Elicser hangs with fellow artist Melissa Del Pinto in front of her fave painting titled “Funny Meeting You Here”.Gallery owner, Mitch, himself an artist, talks about the gallery and its focus in Toronto’s art scene.

Congratulations on this great new space – you can follow them on Facebook until the website launches:

URBAN GALLERY PRESENTS ANDRE VITTORIO’s STUNNING PHOTOGRAPHIC ART IN APRIL “ABSTRACTIONS ON METAL” SOLO SHOWIt was a full house at URBAN GALLERY for the opening reception of ANDRE VITTORIO‘s “Abstractions on Metal” solo show of photographic art. The month-long (April) show featured stunning B&W architectural portraits from around the world (the Eiffel Tower looks magnificent)…….as well as a series of brightly coloured shots of the waters surrounding the Venetian island of Murano (below). In fact, the photos reminded me of the fine Murano glass work for which the artisans of the island became famous.Andre was thrilled with the turnout of family, friends and fans of his work… Snap’d newspaper photographer Kate McGartland dropped by to cover the show – here’s Andre showing her his Murano series which certainly captured her attention!And KJ Mullins, publisher of also came by to cover the event, seen here below 2nd from left chatting with Wayne Abell (at left) of Urban Catering (who supplied the yummy refreshments).Gallery director Calvin Hambrook (below left) was on hand to welcome other artists, including Tunde Omotoye (far right) who may be participating in an upcoming group show at the gallery.Congratulation, Andre, on a fantastic show. 


So there you go…the FLY  worked hard to bring you news and photos from the galleries over the month of April. There were so many openings across Toronto but not enough hours in the day to attend them all. The month of May sees the annual Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival take over all the galleries so FLY encourages you to visit as many shows as you can to support our photographic artists.

Our listings for May will be published within the next 48hrs – we’re still waiting for galleries to submit their shows – so check back with us by the weekend.




In this, our second issue, we’re highlighting artworks from 1st year Centennial College students, as well as established artists featured at the Spring “One of a Kind Show”. Also a nice shout-out to Artusiasm Gallery on the occasion of their 1st anniversary and the launch of digital artist Gina Godfrey’s annual calendar.

We’re also featuring stories and interviews with artists who have previously exhibited in solo and group shows, and in each future monthly e-magazine, FLY will also shine a spotlight on galleries, curators and other arts professionals who have supported the fine arts community. With our multi-platform social media network, we hope to offer artists promotional exposure not found in traditional media, plus affordable advertising opportunities to galleries, art suppliers and individual artists in order to reach their targeted audience.

Thank you for joining us, enjoy the read!


Over the past eight years, E11even restaurant has established itself as one of Toronto’s leading fine dining experiences and recently they created a contest to support local artists. E11even wants to grow its collection of contemporary art, so they sought out artists looking to showcase their works in a sophisticated and dynamic venue. The contest featured stimulating art inspired by what e11even represents and showcased the creative process that inspires, excites and sparks interaction with the restaurant’s visitors. The winner of this contest (and recipient of a $5,000 honorarium) was a friend of the FLY’s, Lorette Luzajic. Her winning artwork is titled “The Book of Better Things” (30”x40″ mixed media on gallery canvas) shown below…Congratulations, Lorette, well deserved! To learn more about this talented artist, visit her website: and for info on the artist-friendly restaurant, check out:
Photos courtesy of Moshe Sakal

CENTENNIAL COLLEGE STUDIO ARTS 1st YR STUDENTS PRESENT “WAIT, WHAT?” @ URBAN GALLERYEach March, Toronto’s URBAN GALLERY hosts a 10-day exhibition of works from the first year students of the Centennial College Studio Arts program, and this year’s show was titled “Wait, What?”.  Not what you would normally expect from a group of ambitious emerging artists – layered universes of double meaning, hope, despair, humour, longing, madness, genius, and skillful virtuosity. All contained within 18” square shadow boxes. You will leave the show thinking “wait, what?”…

The 23 artworks exhibited offered subjects, mediums and colour palettes to suit every taste and pocketbook – prices ranged from $200 to $450 – a very affordable way to start collecting your favourite emerging Canadian artists. Congratulations to all the artists: Mattheas Gabber, Yogin Patel, Kumar Ayyappa, Fiona Wei, Lilian Jang, Lucas Thomas, Arnold Farrell, CL Fisher, Bee Fawn, Alexandria A. Allen-Papadopoylos, Jancy Sivanantham, Lexx Willis, Takanya Marsh, Titar Awua-Imande, Danielle Nothmann, Sharon Zhang, Atheena Sureshmohan, Gabriella Berdugo, Hyewon Kim, Natalie Plociennik, Wayne Wu, Kai Hart and F. Mehtap Mertdogan.

Each year, abstractionist & printmaker Gina Godfrey welcomes guests to her downtown studio & art gallery to launch her calendar and this year’s edition is a kaleidoscope of colour and movement. Every month features one of her glorious works of art and this year’s cover is one of the FLY’s all time favourite Godfrey pieces. Here’s Gina posing in front of the masterwork..You can learn more about her work at  as well as Gina’s involvement with “The Brain Project” that features 100 sculpted “brains” on exhibition across Toronto drawing attention to brain health and diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

THE LITTLE GALLERY THAT COULD – TORONTO’s ARTUSIASM GALLERY CELEBRATES 1ST ANNIVERSARY WITH OUTSTANDING GROUP SHOW.Congratulations to artist Tanzina Amin and her hardworking husband Carlos Sa Rodrigues (pictured above) on their first anniversary of operating Artusiasm Gallery, located at 1684 St. Clair West, Toronto. From its humble beginnings, this charming and friendly gallery opened its doors to emerging artists, especially those from Toronto’s vast multi-cultural communities, showcasing a wonderful colourful array of portraits, landscapes and abstract works which have attracted thousands of visitors over the past 12 months. The creative couple curate the bi-monthly shows, offering showcases to many artists who may not have previously had the opportunity to hang their work in a gallery setting.

To celebrate this milestone, the gallery presented a group show featuring 20+ artists, many of whom turned out with family and friends to toast their hosts.

Artist Heritier M. Bilaka

Artist Neerja Trehan

Artist Tunde Omotoye

Anyone who has attended Carlos & Tanzina’s events have admired how the events offer a warm and friendly vibe, fostering camaraderie and networking among artists and art enthusiasts. Congratulations to you both!  Please visit to learn more and meet the artists.


Over the Easter long weekend, FLY visited the Spring One of a Kind Show where several artist friends showcased their beautiful paintings, and new artists discovered.  Thanks to Mark Jeremy Gleberzon (pictured above in his colourful booth), FLY was given access to the massive showroom and here are a few creative folks who made our visit so enjoyable.

Jeremy Browne, whose stylized rustic barn and rural landscapes caught the FLY’s attention.   Below – Stuart Leggett (sculptor) and Carol Currie (painter) who, together, create miniature triptychs as well as large sculpted and carved wall art.  And of course, Mark’s booth where he displayed his whirling brightly coloured acrylic paint & epoxy resin wood panels and small furnishings….….as well as new Spring-like stylized florals (see close-up detail of his pink magnolia painting). Keep up to date with Mark’s work and upcoming exhibitions in the U.S. and Canada at  And finally…

Help the Int’l Sculpture Centre (located in New Jersey) celebrate this worldwide phenomenon, International Sculpture Day! On April 28th go out on the town and visit your favourite sculptures in support of the talent in your area. Be sure to sign up on the ISC website, and use #ISDay when posting any and all pictures via social media they hope to see lots of smiling selfies next to some awesome sculptures…and include FLY’s social media, too.


See you next month when we’ll feature more gallery openings and artists – our eMagazine will be hosted on a new platform in order to add many more photos! 

MARCH 2018 EDITION – Welcome to FLY!

Welcome to the inaugural edition of FLY ON THE GALLERY WALL, a monthly e-magazine for fine arts in Toronto and around the world.  To start our publication off with a bang, we’re featuring a photo safari from this year’s Artist Project (Feb 22-25) in Toronto, highlighting some of the talented multi-discipline artists FLY has followed over the past 5 years. We’re also featuring stories and interviews with artists who have previously exhibited in solo and group shows, and in each future monthly e-magazine, FLY will also shine a spotlight on galleries, curators and other arts professionals who have supported the fine arts community. With our multi-platform social media network, we hope to offer artists promotional exposure not found in traditional media, plus affordable advertising opportunities to galleries, art suppliers and individual artists in order to reach their targeted audience. Thank you for joining us, enjoy the read! 


Meet artist & sculptor Osvaldo Napoli, an overnight success 50 years in the making!!

Born in Montevideo, Uruguay, Osvaldo “Ozzie” Napoli has been an artist all his life but only recently has he decided to share his creativity with the world.  As he prepares for his first solo exhibition later this year at Urban Gallery in Toronto, Ozzie’s been reviewing his past work and assessing his latest for inclusion.

From spectacular bronze sculptures and freestanding wire pieces that will stop you in your tracks, to imaginative 3D wall art comprised of cellphone and computer components, his work provokes conversation, inspiration and adoration! One of my favourite pieces is titled “Bliss” (see below) and is a piece that Ozzie holds dear to his heart….and we can see why.I recently joined Ozzie for a photo shoot at his Richmond Hill studio of his latest works to add to his website (see end of story for link) and I asked him a few questions about his life, his inspiration and his art.

Ozzie with photographer Chris Chung

What first inspired you to paint and sculpt?  As a child I was fascinated by the wonders and colors of carnival season in Uruguay.  I used to carve and paint masks from palm tree branches and my friend and I wore them mimicking the dancers and performers at the parades in my neighborhood. [that early influence is clearly reflected in his current work – below]

Who was your sculpting mentor/teacher and how did he impact what you create now?  My mentor and friend was Canadian artist, writer and philosopher Sorel Etrog, best known as a sculptor. He taught me to see subtleties between strengths and weaknesses of composition and content. He also encouraged me to always approach art from my heart with clarity and vision.    You work predominantly in wire, creating stunning human-like characters and fantastical creatures – how do you come up with such ideas?  My ideas come mainly from real life stories and situations that we all find ourselves in as part of our everyday life….but with an added touch of fantasy and whimsy. I interpret the mystical and esoteric aspects of people and incorporate those into most of my work.  You also incorporate components from cellphones and computers in freestanding and 3D wall art – where do you find these bits’n’bobs? Surely you don’t smash your own phones?!  I rely on the generosity of family, friends and neighbors to supply me with their recyclable e-trash; they are more than happy to donate to my stockpile and at the same time, get rid of their unwanted electronics.You have numerous pieces done in bronze – how difficult is it to cast and where do you undertake that task?  I form the original work in sculptor’s plasticine or wax and then take it to the foundry to be put through a rigorous process where a rubber and plaster mold is made to create a wax-like figure which is then coated with a compound called ceramic. That is then melted afterwards to produce a new mold that can handle the molten bronze…et voila! The sculpture is done and ready to be colored by a process called patina. The whole procedure could take up to three months before its completion. Whew!You are now starting to exhibit your work as a mature artist – has waiting this long to share your work with the public been beneficial to you as an artist?  Yes, because I now have the confidence to create with conviction and sound craftsmanship.  I felt that I needed that time to create a vast collection of work which I am now ready to share with the world. In the fall, you have your first solo show at Urban Gallery in Toronto – what are your expectations?  I’m excited to show my collections to the public and meet art lovers who come out to support the launch of my month-long show. I’m also hoping to receive a good response to my work and gain attention from art critics and collectors. I would love for my works to go out into the world to inspire, provoke, entertain and enhance people’s understanding of the creative process. Yes, I’m excited, too, to see Ozzie’s work in a gallery and see/hear how people relate and react to each piece. I myself was particularly drawn to this caged heart (below) …a perfect metaphor for my Valentine’s this year…LOL!!You can find more photos of Ozzie’s work and learn about his artistic approach to each subject at:  and keep the month of October free to visit his solo show at Urban Gallery, 400 Queen St East, Toronto.


It was another successful Artist Project here in Toronto for several of my artist friends who sold numerous works to enthusiastic collectors this past weekend.  Hosted in the Better Living Centre at Exhibition Place, I walked the aisles set up in the cavernous hall, meeting new artists as well as dropping in on old friends and colleagues. Join me for this virtual visit:

Let’s start off with this exuberant and talented artist, David Shepherd, whose incredible cloud studies and hyper-realism still life paintings blew me away.
Then I discovered Lana Filippone, whose work mixes Edwardian-style parlour shadow frames with contemporary ceramic art. Loved it!!

Catherine McMillan welcomed me to her colourful booth where her stencil art was well-displayed, representing streetscapes (like Kensington Market, below) and various “smalls” with humourous subjects… I loved her psychedelic bunnies!  Quebec artist François René shared his thoughts on participating in this year’s show with his unique art, full of colour and lights.

Then on to Richard Sturgeon‘s double booth showcasing Richard’s spectacular metal sculptures. Sadly, no active website for Richard.Joanna Bell whose photographic art was both intriguing and calming.  Time to sit-down and rest my “barking dogs” – I tell you, the show promoters really should install carpeting over the hard concrete floor to ease visitor fatigue as it’s a big show!  Saw this great portrait of a goat (below) while I took a little rest…isn’t it great?Back to work…now here’s Chris Harms, a self-taught artist who sculpts using vibrant plexiglass.  Round the corner, more fun and colourful paintings…. Then look who I found…my dear friend Nancy Bennett who proudly showed off her painting (aptly titled “Paradise”) inspired by my sister Jennifer’s photograph of a Western Australian sunset. Can’t tell you how proud I am for both sister and friend!! Check out more of Nancy’s work at  And now here’s Kirk Sutherland one of the popular artists who frequently exhibits at Urban Gallery.  I love his colour bars…so yummy you can almost eat ’em!  What a delightful booth (below) – I loved Amey Lai‘s sparkly paintings…see more here:  Here’s Liz Rae Dalton from Howe Island, Ontario. Many of her encaustic sculptures are created from found materials washed up on the lakeshore. Awesome!   Now meet “the marble dude”! Bryan Wilcox shows off the beauty contained within these tiny everyday glass orbs with his close-up photographs, perfectly framed and presented…loved ’em!   Speaking of “art dudes”, two of my favourites, Mark Gleberzon and Morgan Sheardown were side-by-side. Here’s Morgan’s signature “Raining Cows” display (below) … …and here’s Mark’s fun fab art (he’s working on a special wee painting for me with lots of sparkly blue – can’t wait!)  Always love running into Kari Serrao – her work makes me smile!   Spent some time chatting with the delightful Lori Ryerson ( below, who told me about her recent works.Delighted to meet Gene K. Tempelmeyer (pictured below with his lovely wife/booth babe!) who won 2nd Place prize for his urban streetscape, “Life’s Short, Call Now”. Congrats, Gene, I really like your work, in fact, there’s one painting I may have to secure for myself (Lady in Red) …LOL  Joel Sullivan is Canada’s very own “iron man”. Just look at these awesome metal sculptures. I loved the little robot men lamps….the science nerd in me really came out in Joel’s booth!  Nice to see Mark Berens (below) – I saw his work at a big group show in The Distillery District last year. See more of his paintings at (he’s in the Untamed Things en plein air group show at Blue Mt. Village in April)So I eventually caved in and purchased a small painting from Mirek Bialy ( pictured below.  I fell in love with his bold paintings that incorporated strands of copper. Yes, that’s it now hanging on my wall underneath Colin Nun’s “Coop” graphic painting. So there you have it…another Artist Project done and dusted! Thank you to all the talented creative folks who welcomed me to their booths, and big thanks to Ozzie and France for taking me again on Sunday – it was cool to view the art thru your eyes, Ozzie. Mark your calendars for next year’s event at the end of February here in Toronto. Visit their website for details and dates: