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FLY was thrilled to attend Saturday’s opening of LENA SHUGAR‘s solo show “Moonstruck” at the Women’s Art Association gallery at 23 Prince Arthur Ave in Toronto – runs until Sat. July 15th. So many beautiful paintings priced for collectors of all means. FLY just missed out on buying a small canvas as another fan beat her to it!! Here’s Lena to tell you all about her show…

FLY was indeed moonstruck by all the mysterious and exciting artworks featuring the moon, as well as other contemporary abstract works Lena brought in to the show. Here are just a few luna masterpieces….. …and these two works (below) proved very popular will all the gallery attendees:Guests were treated to wine, cheese and other assorted nibblies which seemed to fuel the buying mood. FLY watched as 2 red dots went up within a 15 minute period…bravo, Lena!There was one ethereal portrait of a lady (below) that was very popular…FLY spoke with Lena after the show and she shared the following….

What first lead you to pick up a paintbrush and start creating?  My family and I were lucky to escape the horrors of the war which began in Poland in 1938, that was the beginning of the WW2.We managed to take the first train that was going east away from Poland towards Russia where we sought refuge at a farm for four years. My mother used to entertain me by drawing pictures, one in particular was a rooster on a roof! I was hooked from then on.

You’ve lived in several European countries as well as here in Canada – have the different cultures influenced your work? Yes they have, particularly living in Norway, with its dramatic landscape, of fjords and magnificent mountains.

As a teacher, how have your own experiences in the art world impacted your mentoring/lessons?  I impressed the students to paint from the heart and from life experience. I encouraged my students to experiment with various applications of materials and tools that are available to them. I want them to feel free and confident that what they create is important.

This current solo show, Moonstruck, features beautiful, haunting images of the moon as well as pieces created prior – what would you like gallery visitors to come away with, apart from a canvas they just purchased?  My hope is that they take away with them the mystery and beauty of our world in all its forms.

So congratulation to Lena for a successful opening and, hopefully, a very successful week-long show.

Women’s Art Assoc., 23 Pr. Arthur Ave, Toronto. T: 416-922-2060




Travelling around Australia over the past 2 months, FLY visited numerous galleries featuring indigenous artists’ work and is thrilled to share photos with you here. So many aboriginal artists did not want photos of themselves or their work taken so these photos are from accredited galleries who represent some of the best artists in the country. FLY will be posting several blogs to cover the vast expanse of space and tribal imagery, let’s start with the story of Short Street Gallery in Broome, located in the north west of the state of Western Australia.  www.shortstgallery.com.auLocated in Broome’s Chinatown, upon entering this heritage building, you are immediately struck by the 125+ years history of pearling in this town, as well as the incredible art contained within. Established in 1998, the gallery is Australia’s leading contemporary Art Gallery specializing in Aboriginal art, sourcing works from remote Indigenous communities and art centres from the Kimberley, Tiwi Island, the APY & Ng Lands, Central Desert, Pilbara and throughout regional Australia The main hall displayed large artworks, all of which had red dots next to them. Bravo for all the sales!


Short Street also has a secondary gallery space where hundreds of works are stored (and on show) – they frequently rotate the art into the main gallery. Wow, such stunning works and FLY wanted to buy everything!
If you love contemporary abstract and are looking to support indigenous artists from different countries, Short Street Gallery can offer you hundreds of unique paintings with stories from country and the dreamtime. They ship around the world…or come for a visit! You can follow them on social media – links can be found on their website:  www.shortstgallery.com.au


If you’re strolling through the mall under Holt Renfrew on Bloor Street W, Toronto, do drop in to say hello to the artists whose work is on show at the Collective 131 gallery opposite the lower level Holts entrance. One of them will be there to guide you through the collection and perhaps introduce you to new works that would look perfect in your home or office. Mark  Gleberzon (pictured above) was at the helm the day FLY dropped in and he was hard at work completing more small works for his upcoming US shows. Mark loves creating unique artworks from beautiful Barbie and Marilyn photos, as well as other pop art subjects. Other artists include Morgan Jones, Vanessa Drew, Amey Lai, Todd Monk, Kari Serrao, Adrienne Jackson and J&J Photo Art. There’s a stunning, impactful portrait of Biggy Smalls for the hippest of art collectors….as well as fun works for the comic book hero in all of us!There are works for all contemporary art lovers….…and FLY was intrigued with the soft, fluffy toques and greeting cards for those lacking in wall space!FLY gives Collective 131 Gallery 4 wings up! You can find the artists at 50 Bloor St West, lower level.


FLY has long been an admirer of the fabulous and funny ROB CROXFORD whose humorous pop-art paintings are immediate smile-inducers! In late May last year, a studio fire all but destroyed his Toronto studio and his complete inventory of artworks. This new studio at 100 Sunrise Avenue in the east end, offers Rob a fresh start and, as with all new beginnings, Rob is focusing on new experiments and new artworks.  This year marks Rob’s 15th year as a professional artist and the completion of some 1,500 works of art – CONGRATULATIONS, ROB! He’s shown in over 125 juried & solo exhibitions here and in the United States. His work is in the permanent City of Toronto’s Art Collection, and in the private collections of several Mayors, and celebrities such as Alex Lifeson, Stuart McLean & Ann Marie MacDonald. You will find his art and his commissions in many private collections all over the world from Istanbul to California. Here’s Rob to tell you himself about the new space and his new collection….

Media-darling Rob has been profiled in Argyle Magazine, Neighborhood Living Magazine, The Society for Commercial Archaeology, Spacing Magazine and many others. Rob’s acrylic paintings are intentionally upbeat and humorous. His vintage-inspired work is instantly identifiable and has a clever approach to pop culture that often merges political topics within whimsical compositions. 

FLY recommends a personal visit to Rob’s studio so reach out via social media or check his website for upcoming shows: www.robcroxford.com Apart from his large-format original paintings, Rob also offers quality prints and giclees of his most popular pieces.