FLY was thrilled to be invited to the “media day” preview of this year’s ART TORONTO art fair and it was exciting to meet new artists and galleries as wellas lots of favourites like the McMichael Gallery which was front and centre at the top of the escalator. FLY was fortunate to view their current Tom Thomson exhibition and they were busy promoting their upcoming show….
Just around the corner from McMichael was Montreal’s featuring the stunning “bead” works of Renne Condo. FLY then discovered a new gallery along Dundas West (website coming) Zaal Art Gallery and the charming booth hosts welcomed questions about the art, esp. the 3rd image below – what do you see? The artist has actually painted his face mid-shaving – it’s a foamy portrait.

FLY was welcomed into the booth of Halifax-based IOTA Gallery and the lovely ladies representing Nova Scotia artists were happy to share news of their gallery and works on display.

And IOTA’s artist Carrie Allison creates unique and intriguing soft sculptures such as these, below….Next door FLY found this small booth packed with lots of art books. Aperture is based in New York City and run by a very knowledgeable Richard Gregg.
FLY was looking for BC-based Jean Paul Langlois (FLY has one of his stunning prints on her wall) and found 2 of his paintings represented by The New Other Gallery – it was a stunning booth with a couple of secret nooks containing other fabulous works, including the large blue and gold work by Jaspal Birdi. Definitely recommend checking out:
So many cool booths, however, only a few of the artists and gallery directors/curators were on-site for this media day event. Sadly, FLY could not interview anyone else but took a lot of photos for you.

FLY always looks forward to Sandra Ainsley‘s big exhibition booth – she represents many superstars of the art glass world including Dale Chihuly of whom FLY is such a fan. This year’s booth did not disappoint! Bravo, Sandra.

Thank you to the Art Toronto show producers and good luck to all the galleries working hard to promote Canadian and international artists. The show opens tomorrow, Friday Oct. 27 and runs throughout the weekend. Check out times and details: