FLY was recently browsing her social media and discovered a wonderful new online gallery, Vessels and Sticks, dedicated to contemporary ceramic art and artists, both local and int’l. FLY reached out to gallery director/curator Jennifer Kerbel Poirier and arranged today’s in-person viewing of her current exhibition hosted at The Lobby, 1120 Yonge St (just N of Roxborough).  This spacious gallery space also provides context and develops a narrative about the works that facilitate a strong sense of connection. It is for these reasons that Vessels and Sticks are so excited to partner with The Lobby by Heaps Estrin to be able to offer this experience.  A selection of ceramic art by International and Canadian artists are included in this physical exhibition and all works included in the in-person gallery will also be offered on the V&S virtual gallery.
V&S seeks to be a destination and community for anyone interested in discovering ceramic artworks that are both contemporary in design and conceptual approach. The e-gallery provides relevant context about these works and make them available for purchase in one easily accessible, online destination. Each artwork comes with a Certificate of Authenticity denoting details of the artwork’s originality and value. They partner with talented ceramic artists worldwide who may be located in your own community, where you travel, or in places with which you may have a personal connection. Each artist provides a distinct point of view while sharing a common passion for the medium of ceramics. Approaching their practices with verve, individuality, and creativity, Jennifer is thrilled to share the artists’ work and stories. Here’s Jennifer to tell you more….

This current in-person show welcomes visitors on these following hours:
Monday 10am – 6pm
Tuesday 10am – 6pm
10am – 6pm
10am – 7pm
Friday 10am – 7pm
10am – 6pm
11am – 5pm
…and you can find directions and details on their website:

It was such a pleasure chatting with Jennifer and learning about her online services for both contemporary ceramics artists and buyers. She makes it easy for artists/potters to promote and sell their art (with a modest, artist-friendly commission) so FLY encourages artists to reach out to her and learn just how simple it is to participate in this unique gallery service.
You can follow V&S on Fcbk and Instagram @vesselsandsticks