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Come along as FLY buzzes around the grassy aisles of this year’s RIVERDALE ART WALK at Jimmy Simpson Park on Queen St East. This year, FLY discovered some fabulous new artists as well as saying hi to old friends whose work FLY adores.  The show runs today through tomorrow (June 2) and the weather should be lovely so FLY recommends you pop by to view all the beautiful works of art….and take your credit cards, too!!

Let’s start with WENDY CHO (pictured below) who captured FLY’s imagination with her adorable wee critters that appealed to the kids and the grown-ups who stopped by her tent. FLY flew off with 4 of her mini greeting cards that will be sent to friends or kept for personal adoration! www.onceuponadesign.caNext tent FLY visited was DEEPTI SAXENA who uses canvas, paper and other mixed media to produce stunning textured masterworks. Check out her large format paintings at  https://theartofdeepti.ca/ Further along another aisle, FLY found TUEAI LA with her giant peonies and other colourful blooms….so gorgeous! You gotta check out her website: https://www.tueaila.ca/Lovely to run into JEFF WALKER who creates portraits of robots, real or imagined! FLY actually has one of his smaller portraits previously purchased at the Rosedale Art Fair – Jeff will be at that show next weekend so you can check out his work in person…or visit his website  https://www.gowalkergo.com/

FLY had a lovely chat with CAROLYN LAIDLEY (pictured below) who is the new Chair of the Artists’ Network, which hosts the exhibition each year. An accomplished artist herself, Carolyn’s tent was full of beautiful canvases…lots more for viewing on her website: https://www.carolynlaidleyarn.com/MICHAEL SACHTER is a first-timer at this years Art Walk so FLY asked him to share his feelings about the experience…

Visit Michael’s website to see lots more samples of his photographic art https://www.michaelsachterphotography.com/

Nice to see SUE MACKAY being busy in her tent – lots of interest for her beautiful paintings… www.suemackay.comAnd then FLY flew into MORGAN JONES‘ tent where he, too, was busy chatting to potential buyers. Hope you made that sale, Morgan!
www.morganjonesart.comAnother newbie found! FLY had never seen KATHY BYRNE‘s work before but oh what a wonderful surprise awaited FLY in the tent. Just look at these gorgeous portraits of humans and flowers. www.kathydoespaint.com
And below, Kathy shares her thought via video…

A lovely surprise to run into artist Nancy Bennett (not exhibiting this year) who was visiting contemporary abstract artist PAUL BRANDEJS (below). www.paulbrandejs-art.com. So many different styles, sizes, mediums…there is something for every wall! Ta-daaa! FLY found everyone’s favourite artist, ROB CROXFORD, but he was gobbling down a rushed lunch so instead of snapping a pic with his mouth full, FLY focused on his booth (below) where visitors were gobbling up his prints and originals. So much fun! https://www.robcroxford.com/#/ Finally, FLY found an exciting photographic artist whose work reflects her love of all wee beasties…esp. chickens. JANET HOLMES proudly explained her support for rescue chickens and those who give them sanctuary away from the massive egg-laying batteries. She is also donating 100% of sales this weekend to rescue sanctuaries in Ontario so please go visit and pick up one of her pictures…they are lovely. FLY adores the proud chook with the red head shown below.  www.janetholmesphoto.com For directions and more details on the weekend show, visit the official website: https://riverdaleartwalk.ca/
Good luck to all the artists and FLY thanks you for your hospitality.



FLY enjoyed buzzing along the rows of artist tents at this weekend’s RIVERDALE ART WALK in Toronto. This is the first Art Walk since the Covid lock-down so it was wonderful to see so many art lovers strolling around, chatting with the artists and enjoying the lovely weather today. Nancy Bennett, whom FLY has known since the later 70s, appeared thrilled to be there and was already busy selling artworks….

Learn more about Nancy and her paintings (above) at www.nancybennett.ca

Upon entering Jimmy Simpson Park, FLY found Mirek Bialy whose bold acrylics incorporate copper and FLY has a lovely piece purchased a few years ago. Learn more about Mirek here:  https://www.mirekbialy.com/ Christopher Masoure was busy securing his tent (below) as high winds threatened to blow his large canvases away. FLY caught some quick photos of his stunning blue paintings before being hit by flying monkeys! Yes, the wind was that high today. Learn more about Chrisopjer at www.studiomazur.com  Next up, we found Celina Melo, an artist FLY had not met before. Her beautiful frosty paintings of the far north created a cool space to retreat from the sunshine, and FLY was very attracted to that smaller piece in the upper left. Check out her work at www.celinamelo.com  Wendy Cho of OnceUponaDesign.ca (below) offered some delightful illustrations and animal portraits – all the adults FLY saw going into her booth walked out with mini canvases or cards. Wendy was very popular! Then FLY found a friend from last week’s Rosedale art show – Andrew Stelmack. Again, a big blue painting caught FLY’s attention…wow! www.astelmack.com Shaan Taseer was taking a quick break when FLY flew into his tent – his work simply drew FLY in as well as others who were intrigued by his unique & exotic abstract landscapes. Learn more about Shaan at https://www.shaantaseer.com/ Kate Taylor (below) was busy chatting with potential art buyers. FLY is proud to own a small piece of KT art! www.katetaylorstudio.comMark Glebezon brought his Barbie series which should definitely prove popular considering movie star Ryan Gosling just released a sneak peek photo of him as Ken in the upcoming movie. What a doll! www.markgleberzon.comFLY fell madly in love with the adorable robots created by Jeff Walker, so much so that she had to buy a small painting of a wee robot eye (2nd photo – 2nd row down, 3rd from the right). Check our Jeff’s colourful cuties here: www.gowalkergo.com Morgan Jones (below) had a cute assistant in his tent who was certainly helping to draw in the visitors! www.morganjonesart.com

Further along the aisles, FLY came across Cat from www.CityBonez.com (below) whose photos of old decorative bricks stood out at The Artist Project a couple of months ago. Unique and quite beautiful, the bricks tell stories of our city’s past.Rea Kelly always has a lovely smile on her face – her beautiful floral paintings will ensure you, too, will have a smile on your face when you enter her tent! If you don’t have massive wall space, Rea has smaller canvases as well as beautiful greeting cards – something for everyone. Learn more about Rea at www.reakelly.com FLY discovered a fabulous new artist – Amanda Gonsalves (below) – whose abstract portraits of mythical and amusing figures are delightful. You can follow Amanda on her Instagram @nonconformist.art  Ex-baker turned fine artist Andrea Bailey presented her Yummy Arty paintings (below). FLY met her last week at the Rosedale art show and loved the gold paint that glinted in the sunlight.  www.yummyarty.com Gail Williams showcased some cool paintings like these wild abstract portraits. FLY met Gail last week at the Rosedale art show.  Visit: https://gailwilliams.partial.gallery/ to learn all about this fanciful abstract artist.So it was a very enjoyable afternoon and FLY encourages you to visit all the artists who have taken the 2yr Covid period to create wonderful artworks. Tomorrow promises to be another lovely day so pop down to Queen St East and support local artists, Check out details, directions and hours here: https://riverdaleartwalk.ca/



Thank goodness the weather cooperated today with more sunshine than raindrops, and FLY was able to buzz around the artists’ tents of this year’s ROSEDALE ART FAIR – the first time for nearly 3 years, thanks to Covid. Usually held further up Toronto’s Yonge Street at Summerhill, the park setting was lovely with lots of green grass and leaves.
FLY’s first port of call was the charming display by Michelle Hutchinson – her abstract florals were so colourful you’d expect to see bees hoping from flower to flower!  www.MichelleHutchinsonArt.com…and next door to Michelle was Gail Williams whose paintings were fun and filled with wonder. www.gailwilliamsartist.com  FLY particularly like one titled “Prince” so here’s a closer look… Sculptor Chaka Chikodzi always has a busy tent…FLY had to do some pretty fancy flying between his potential buyers just to get a couple of great close-ups!  www.chakachikodzi.com  Mark J. Gleberzon has been a friend of FLY’s for many years, and his work is definitely a favourite of the winged-one! Mark recently had great success exhibiting in Chicago, selling multiple paintings and even before today’s Fair opened, he had already sold 2 of his Barbie & Ken pop portraits. Bravo, MJG!  www.markgleberzon.com Jibola Fagbamiye was too busy selling his fabulous portraits to stop and chat with FLY – bravo Jibola- but FLY grabbed a few shots of his booth in action!  www.jibolastudios.comThe weather started to cloud over so to avoid getting wings wet, FLY flew over to another aisle sheltered under the trees and immediately stopped when spying FLY’s favourite colour…cobalt blue…at Andrew Stelmack‘s booth. www.astelmack.com  Next door was another FLY favourite, Michael Toole, who greeted FLY with another gorgeous blue graphic artwork! www.michaeltooleart.comMeet the delightful Ghazaleh Naderian who showed FLY around her booth, filled with beautiful floral mini-paintings. Perfect for that little space you need to brighten up.  www.ghazal-arts.com
FLY’s bestie, Erena, ran into one of her favourite artists, Olaf Schneider – she has a number of his paintings herself. Those parrots were magnificent but scared FLY somewhat as they like eating little insects….oh dear!  www.olaf.ca  
You still have another opportunity to visit the Rosedale Art Fair tomorrow, Sunday June 12 so please go visit and say hi to all the artist – they’re so pleased to get back to “normal” and show their work to art lovers and (hopefully) buyers.