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FLY has visited Gallery 1313 (located at 1313 Queen St West just a few blocks past Dufferin) many times and loves buzzing around their different showrooms, admiring contemporary multi-disciplinary art at it’s best.

Established in 1998, Gallery 1313 is a not-for-profit, charitable artist-run centre located in the Parkdale neighbourhood of downtown Toronto. The gallery exhibits local, national and international contemporary art offering four unique exhibition spaces that house over 70 exhibitions and many cultural events each year. Gallery 1313 supports emerging artists with professional development and career building opportunities, offers members a welcoming space to connect with colleagues, develop their practice, and contribute to the operations of the gallery, and engages the public with contemporary art exhibitions and cultural events through community outreach.

Gallery 1313 maintains accessibility to exhibition opportunities for artists at any stage in their career and working in any media or discipline including drawing, painting, photography, printmaking, sculpture, video, new media, installation and performance. The space is particularly suited to emerging artists and artist groups looking to gain exhibition experience and host their own exhibitions, and offers professional exhibition mentorship and support including promotion and installation assistance. Starting the new year off with a couple of amazing shows, Gallery 1313 is a must-visit venue for art lovers and artists. FLY recently spoke with Executive Director and curator Phil Anderson…

Have gallery visitors started to come back in full force now that Covid appears to be in our rearview mirrors?  Visitors to the gallery welcome the opportunity to engage with art in a gallery setting after being confined to their digital screens during Covid. People are thrilled to be able to talk with artists about their art process and artists are excited to have receptions where they can mingle with visitors and other artists…the social interaction they missed during lockdown & isolation. Art also has become a welcome distraction to the weary news of war, climate change and a sagging economy. Occasionally art addresses those important issues and helps contribute to healthy dialogue about issues of the day.

What does 2024 hold for Gallery 1313 shows and artists – any unique shows or guest artists we can look forward to viewing?  We have over 70 exhibitions a year so there is usually some work that visitors are attracted to and can identify with. We have 3 exhibition spaces plus a window gallery so a visitor may come for one specific exhibition and gets to see other shows. We’re somewhat unpredictable if you just happen to pop in, an endearing feature for some.Here are just a few of the upcoming shows…..

VASA presents BY A THREAD, a group exhibition
January 31- February 11.  Reception Feb. 8th 6:30pm
The Visual Arts Student Association (VASA) at York University is a student-run organization that represents the interests of visual arts students. They organize events, workshops, and exhibitions to promote the work of visual arts students and provide opportunities for students to connect with each other and the wider community. Artists include Andrew Atanasoff, Anoushak Anvar McCall, Angelina Cascio, Aman Gebrekidan, Brian Ginther, Chloe Acosta, Colin Arthurs, Danielle Alexander, Emily Horton, Grace Dixon, Hall Skelton-Dyck, Joely Sosnovich-Raphael, Kayla Cowan, Kile Brindley-Reid, Lishya Liu, Malika Sharma,Marissa Watson, Mihn Phuong Le, Nathan Dennis,Nadia Feller, Olivia LaFoy, Olivia Martin,Robyn Percy, Sara Bursey, Sam McLeish, Shin Tousi, Sonia Esmaeillou, Summer Ansari, Tamara Madramuthu and Vanessa Akinwumi.
ART & MUSIC by Sanghoon Kang presented by Cell Gallery & Gallery 1313
January 31 – February 11. Reception Feb.8th 6:30pm
My art practice is inspired by Goethe’s words, “…architecture is frozen music” and my aim is to demonstrate my belief that architecture must evolve into something that, with its form, satisfies a spiritual thinking and into an artistic as well as cultural container – embracing human life.
Music notes move and I want to capture their sounds and movements onto canvas, frozen in a free form. They are created by the communication between all kinds of musical instruments, and they are related to each other within the fundamental principle of music from which would be formed various ‘imageries of music’.
Using geometry, I try to draw them up as if I complete architectural plans, provided that the establishment of architectural concepts could share common ideas with the composition of music, and at the same time, wishing that those who love music and art have all sorts of beautiful imagination.
Sanghoon KangProcess Gallery: The Parkdale International Art Fair (continuing)
More artists exhibit their works in this curated exhibition of curated contemporary art. Participating artists include David McKevy, Kristen Stephen, Elaine Lauzon, Diane Sullivan, Patrick Stieber and others.

Gallery Hours: Wed- Sat 1-5pm and Sundays 1-4pm 

Follow the gallery on social media: www.instagram.com/gallery1313/  or visit the website:  www.gallery1313.org

Thanks, Phil, FLY will see you soon….


FLY was thrilled to walk the aisles of tents overflowing with beautiful artworks today at the Riverdale Artwalk on Queen St East- the annual outdoor art show runs tomorrow (Sunday) so get yourselves down there to support local artists. Lovely to run into old friends and discover some exciting new artists so join FLY as we talk a virtual stroll around the park.  First tent FLY saw was that of Elena Dinissuk whose bright pink top looked lovely against the backdrop of her stunning abstract land/skyscapes. www.elenadinissuk.caFurther down the aisle, FLY found a very cheerful David Harcombe, surrounded by sparklers and urban signs. www.davidharcombe.caThen FLY flew into the next booth belonging to Tueai La who surrounded herself with her beautiful florals. www.tueaila.ca Jen Raetsen creates beautiful “wool paintings” – yes, that’s right. She uses coloured wool to form gorgeous lux images and FLY was so taken with them that a tiny miniature (3rd pic) ended up going home with her. www.jenraetsenart.com Jeff Walker is a real fun artist. FLY has a cute robot from last year’s event and here are even more little creatures and ‘bots to enjoy. www.gowalkergo.com FLY was thrilled to discover Eric Allen Montgomery, a mixed-media artist who creates cool works with “found” stuff! So many things to discover in each artwork and Eric and his lovely partner (they had just returned from their honeymoon) were decked out in Eric’s digital design clothing. www.EricAllenMontgomery.ca FLY was intrigued by Eric’s art dispenser, an old candy machine, so decided to have a go….this mini-masterpiece came out – it’s a wee sliver with so much going on…love it.Glad to see Carolyn Laidley Arn (below) standing on guard…apart from her large paintings, she’s created some miniatures that are perfect for small walls (if you live in a condo, you know what I mean)  <ahref=”http://www.carolynlaidleyarn.com”>www.carolynlaidleyarn.comBeing a proud mum, Carolyn directed FLY across the aisle to her daughter’s booth (below) but she was so busy with visitors, FLY didn’t disturb her.Gail Williams was surrounded by bold colours and giant abstract portraits. Her booth was very joyful. www.gailwilliamsartist.com
Kate Taylor was busy filming her booth with her sister but FLY would like to acknowledge Kate’s commitment to supporting other artists at Riverdale Artwalk every year. Definitely a “friend of Fly”.  www.katetaylorstudio.com
Lori Mirabelli was hard at work with potential buyers when FLY dropped in. Lori’s art has been selling well in Europe, too. Congrats on all your hard work, Ms. M.  www.lorimirabelli.com FLY loves Mark Gleberzon‘s bold Barbie portraits, esp. the pink pompadour wigged dolls. Now if only FLY could shape her eyebrows as well as Barbie’s….sigh! That gold monolith looks amazing in person – all textured and shiny.  www.markgleberzon.com Mark’s gallery mate, Morgan Jones (below) was full o’ beans in his booth…stand still, Morgan. Gotcha!  www.morganjonesart.com
Another newbie artist for FLY was Lynn Cragg who is obviously a real horsey person. She also loves cows and owls and sheep….can’t wait to write a story on her for The Rider newspaper that focuses on country life and the equine world. www.lynncraggfineart.com It was hard to even get into Cat Marchese‘s tent – her photographic studies of vintage bricks were very popular. The lady in pink (below) was busy chatting to new collectors – bravo, Cat!  www.citybonez.com Finally, FLY stopped into one of the busiest booths today, belonging to Neerja Trehan just as she was selling two paintings to two different art lovers. Congrats and bravo you, Neerja! www.neerjatrehan.com And FLY was very touched when Neerja gifted her with this beautiful handcrafted candle in thanks for continued artist support – you are so welcome, Neerja.The art show continues tomorrow, Sunday June 4th, at Jimmy Simpson Park, Queen St East. More info at: www.riverdaleartwalk.ca


FLY enjoyed buzzing along the rows of artist tents at this weekend’s RIVERDALE ART WALK in Toronto. This is the first Art Walk since the Covid lock-down so it was wonderful to see so many art lovers strolling around, chatting with the artists and enjoying the lovely weather today. Nancy Bennett, whom FLY has known since the later 70s, appeared thrilled to be there and was already busy selling artworks….

Learn more about Nancy and her paintings (above) at www.nancybennett.ca

Upon entering Jimmy Simpson Park, FLY found Mirek Bialy whose bold acrylics incorporate copper and FLY has a lovely piece purchased a few years ago. Learn more about Mirek here:  https://www.mirekbialy.com/ Christopher Masoure was busy securing his tent (below) as high winds threatened to blow his large canvases away. FLY caught some quick photos of his stunning blue paintings before being hit by flying monkeys! Yes, the wind was that high today. Learn more about Chrisopjer at www.studiomazur.com  Next up, we found Celina Melo, an artist FLY had not met before. Her beautiful frosty paintings of the far north created a cool space to retreat from the sunshine, and FLY was very attracted to that smaller piece in the upper left. Check out her work at www.celinamelo.com  Wendy Cho of OnceUponaDesign.ca (below) offered some delightful illustrations and animal portraits – all the adults FLY saw going into her booth walked out with mini canvases or cards. Wendy was very popular! Then FLY found a friend from last week’s Rosedale art show – Andrew Stelmack. Again, a big blue painting caught FLY’s attention…wow! www.astelmack.com Shaan Taseer was taking a quick break when FLY flew into his tent – his work simply drew FLY in as well as others who were intrigued by his unique & exotic abstract landscapes. Learn more about Shaan at https://www.shaantaseer.com/ Kate Taylor (below) was busy chatting with potential art buyers. FLY is proud to own a small piece of KT art! www.katetaylorstudio.comMark Glebezon brought his Barbie series which should definitely prove popular considering movie star Ryan Gosling just released a sneak peek photo of him as Ken in the upcoming movie. What a doll! www.markgleberzon.comFLY fell madly in love with the adorable robots created by Jeff Walker, so much so that she had to buy a small painting of a wee robot eye (2nd photo – 2nd row down, 3rd from the right). Check our Jeff’s colourful cuties here: www.gowalkergo.com Morgan Jones (below) had a cute assistant in his tent who was certainly helping to draw in the visitors! www.morganjonesart.com

Further along the aisles, FLY came across Cat from www.CityBonez.com (below) whose photos of old decorative bricks stood out at The Artist Project a couple of months ago. Unique and quite beautiful, the bricks tell stories of our city’s past.Rea Kelly always has a lovely smile on her face – her beautiful floral paintings will ensure you, too, will have a smile on your face when you enter her tent! If you don’t have massive wall space, Rea has smaller canvases as well as beautiful greeting cards – something for everyone. Learn more about Rea at www.reakelly.com FLY discovered a fabulous new artist – Amanda Gonsalves (below) – whose abstract portraits of mythical and amusing figures are delightful. You can follow Amanda on her Instagram @nonconformist.art  Ex-baker turned fine artist Andrea Bailey presented her Yummy Arty paintings (below). FLY met her last week at the Rosedale art show and loved the gold paint that glinted in the sunlight.  www.yummyarty.com Gail Williams showcased some cool paintings like these wild abstract portraits. FLY met Gail last week at the Rosedale art show.  Visit: https://gailwilliams.partial.gallery/ to learn all about this fanciful abstract artist.So it was a very enjoyable afternoon and FLY encourages you to visit all the artists who have taken the 2yr Covid period to create wonderful artworks. Tomorrow promises to be another lovely day so pop down to Queen St East and support local artists, Check out details, directions and hours here: https://riverdaleartwalk.ca/